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Hello friends and welcome to this post, in this post I will tell you how you can get a red custom card.

First of all, let me tell you how many types of custom are there, there are two types of custom, yellow custom card and red custom card.

What is the difference between the two that you cannot do so much customization in Yellow Custom Card, but you can fully customize Red Custom Card, further I will tell what you can customize in Red Custom Card.

So friends, in this you have to first do the class squad mode, then you will see the option of advanced setting in front of it, in this you can complete the custom.

First of all, let me tell you what you can customize in this, in this, you have the price of the gun and the custom is very much, or there is such a gun which is not available in the class squad but you are in the red custom card. Which gun to keep, which gun not to keep, you can customize everything, this is the advantage of the biggest red custom card.

So friends, these things are not seen in Yellow Custom Card at all, but you can customize the price of Gun Gun and many more things in it, I will tell you further and what things you can customize, so you read this post completely.

And friends, the best thing about this red custom card is that you can carry the helmets of season 3 and four in normal classes card mode, which you do not see in yellow custom card

So friends, you must have understood that what is a red custom card, what can you customize in a red custom card, if you have any question, then by commenting in the comment box below, you must tell us your solution as soon as possible. will try to

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